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BNB Greenfield

A Decentralized Data
Storage System
and Economy

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Store, exchange, and own data to create a new data economy within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Key Features

Storage Flexibility

Storage providers can choose to store data anywhere, from decentralized terminals to centralized storage services.

Data Configuration

Users can customize data, data "buckets", and permissions.

Native Smart-Contract Ecosystem

BNB Greenfield's stored data can be easily integrated into the thriving smart contract-enabled BNB Chain ecosystem.

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DCellar is a file management tool for Greenfield. With DCellar, you can store, manage, control, and own your data in a decentralized way, while having a smooth user experience.

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Unmatched data benefits

Log in with anonymous cryptographic-based keys (IDs).

Create, read, and execute data with a UX similar to that of today's leading state-of-the-art cloud storage services.

Complete ownership and control over data assets, with the ability to manage usage both manually and through programming.

Maximize financial gain from personal and shared data.

Fuel the future of the decentralized web

BNB Greenfield opens the door to new and transparent Web3 business models for dApps.

BNB Greenfield pioneers transparency and data ownership for a thriving Web3 community and the next generation of Web3 users.

Join Greenfield Today!

Join BNB Greenfield as a Storage Provider, Validator, Solution Provider, or integrate as a dApp.

Join as Storage Provider/Validator

The Architecture
of BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield's ecosystem is a trinity of entities that work in concert to provide a novel decentralized data storage system - all with the user at the center.

Cube in space.

BNB Greenfield Core

BNB Greenfield Core consists of a storage-oriented blockchain (BNB Greenfield) and a decentralized network of Storage Providers (SPs). Users upload their requests for data storage to BNB Greenfield and SPs store the data off-chain. Users can validate that their data is being stored correctly with a Proof-of-Challenge check on BNB Greenfield.

BNB Greenfield dApps

BNB Greenfield decentralized applications (dApps) can help users interact with the Greenfield decentralized storage system, or be Web3 products with real value and utility that leverage the data stored on BNB Greenfield at scale and in new and exciting ways.

BNB Smart Chain

By way of a native cross-chain bridge, all aspects of the data stored on BNB Greenfield (data, metadata, and data permissions) can easily be transferred to BNB Smart Chain, where it can be leveraged in the existing BNB Chain dApp ecosystem.

Potential Use Cases

Here are a few examples of the potential BNB Greenfield offers in fostering a new generation of decentralized applications.

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